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Target: To foster the publicity of JCI we wanted to install monuments which represent the JCI Spirit
Inspiration: We came up with the idea to build a park bench which will foster interpersonal communication. This we named „Communication Bench“ = Kommunikationsbank
Idea: Based on the rough concept we brainstormed about a design solution and came up with a design based on white euro pallets including marketing signs, where two person face each other
Prototyping: Based on the design solution we had built several prototypes to define the end design
Support: Than we searched for sponsors who could help us with their infrastructure and finances to realize the concept, therefore we had to pitch and present the project
Communication: Also we had to came up with a way to describe the idea to pedestrians who should use the communication benches as intended. Therefore we develop a website as well as a series of events and media coverage
Conclusion: The whole project worked out quiet smoothly and we got great responses from all sides. It was quiet easy to find support for a concrete project and a low sponsoring price connected to thought thru communication concept and especially the JCI spirit.
Commitment: Not only the different process steps were great team building experiences for all of us, also it makes us proud to see our hardware achievements when we come by the setup communication benches or get reminded from others that we achieved or target of fostering the publicity of JCI and its spirit thru inspire strangers to get into interesting interpersonal communications
Destination: We would love to see this project inspiring other LOM’s and see the Communication Benches international represented and linked to each others

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