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Over 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water. Our oceans are a huge storage for the vital oxygen of our planet. They regulate our climate and are the home of thousands upon thousands of different animal species. Like in many other areas, we are confronted with a lot of problems regarding the topic of marine protection. Whether it is overfishing, acidified water through carbon dioxide, or garbage, the list is long. With Walk2clean, we would like to take care of the problem “garbage”.

Plastic waste endangers animals and humans in many ways. Marine creatures eat pieces of plastic, because they think it is food. When we eat these marine creatures, the pieces then also enter us. All too often, the animals die after strangling themselves with a foreign object or being caught in one or then starve from it. This is because the plastic cannot be digested and the animals then endure a slow death. Today, plastic can be found in 90% of the bodies and stomachs of sea birds. In the North Pacific, there is a floating island of waste the size of Central Europe. It is time to take action. Every one of us could make an important contribution to keep our oceans from suffocating. We have decided to do our part and hope that thousands of people will follow our example worldwide and support us in more ways than just our project or even start their own environmental project.

With Walk2clean, we would like to take care of the problem “garbage”. We are striving to give further food for thought in this area and to contribute to finding a solution for all the garbage that is in the oceans. It is a fact that the state of our oceans is becoming worse and worse. More and more, our coasts are turning into real dumps. Over 100 million tons of plastic is floating in the oceans and another million tons are added to this every year. The degradation of this material takes several hundred years. During this process, toxic substances are released such as dangerous plasticizers that poison our environment.

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